Why a traditional approach may have you swimming in circles

(And how you can completely change that)

Through decades of experience, we realized that traditional “key message” documents had a drawback. They didn’t demand enough precision or prioritization of ideas to serve as the central tool in a communications strategy.

With some creativity, you can weave just about any idea into your key messages and please everyone.

But that’s a disservice when your goal is to stand out from competitors with a hard-hitting, memorable message.

It’s also why leaders and others start creating their own messages.

We developed a unique approach, so you can craft a message platform that builds real organizational momentum.

Our approach allows you to find and prioritize the most distinctive, powerful and defensible statements about your company, product or initiative and to build buy-in across your entire organization.

Chart a new course with our proven process for message development

Our time-tested, four-step process uncovers and crystallizes your message:

Step 1:
Project Immersion

This step eliminates guesswork that can throw a project off-track later. We start by exploring the nuances of your needs, goals and audiences. We define timelines, participants and what “success” looks like.

Step 2:
Fact-Gathering and Analysis

Next, we dig deep to understand your business, market and competitors. We conduct competitor research and interviews, culminating with a written summary of insights. Then we work together to resolve gaps and differing opinions.

Step 3:
Platform Creation and Testing

To craft a message platform unique to you, we play up what makes your approach different or better, while avoiding worn-out language and “me too” messages. We incorporate a humanizing, relatable tone that attracts people to your company or initiative. Audience-testing ensures that key ideas resonate.

Step 4:
Platform Launch

Getting everyone sailing in the same direction is the start of organizational momentum. We conduct a series of internal sessions to explain the platform and how to use it day-to-day. For the outside world, we create a strategic communication plan and deliverables ranging from sales decks to web copy to media pitching and more.


Working with McCarthy is always a smart move business-wise and a pleasure collaboration-wise. Particularly in the area of healthcare, Margie and her team bring real-world experience, higher level strategy and valuable focus to the communication process.

– Roxane Padgett, DST Health Solutions

With our proven approach, you’ll:

Spark organizational clarity

  • Eliminate the assumptions, guesswork and confusion that can derail your project down the road
  • Discover unique insights you hadn’t considered before
  • Uncover the root of internal disconnects and unaddressed conflicts

Get to the heart of your story

  • Distill and prioritize messages in service to your business goals
  • Receive a fresh, distinctive, executive-ready message platform that’s primed for your approval process
  • Ensure you haven’t overlooked blind spots or become too inwardly focused

Achieve real momentum

  • Empower and train your executives and key stakeholders on how to apply your messages day to day
  • Transform your strategic platform into high-impact communication plans and relatable content that inspires deep and powerful reactions
  • Influence meaningful changes in attitudes and behaviors

What’s your greatest messaging challenge?

Gain fresh insight with a free, 30-minute strategy session

We promise: Your strategy session will NOT be a sales pitch. And because we know your time is valuable: If you don’t leave our conversation with one new idea (or if you feel like we’re selling you), we’ll donate $100 to the charity of your choice.