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that unifies leadership
and builds powerful momentum
for your business.
You’re a leader at a healthcare organization that’s usually first out of the gate. You pride yourself on visionary thinking and rapid execution. But you have an initiative that’s gotten messy. No one’s telling a cohesive story. Your reputation is on the line. If only you had time to take a deep breath and rethink your foundational messaging. But you’re trapped in meetings, and your talented team is already cranking on all cylinders.

Turn to McCarthy Messaging

A strategic communications firm for visionary healthcare organizations

Our specialty is turning your complex communication challenges into an advantage over your competition. How? By transforming those messy, matrixed, misaligned initiatives into precise and powerful message platforms that unify your leaders and create real organizational momentum.

Turn to us for…

  • Messaging that gets to the heart of your story
  • Fact-finding and strategic planning that creates clarity and buy-in
  • Expert PR and marcomm materials that inspire meaningful changes in attitudes and behaviors

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internal alignment

Launching a high-profile
initiative, product or service

into new markets

Differentiating an important
program or offering

Taking the lead
on an industry issue

Influencing stakeholder
opinions, beliefs and actions

Quite simply, it’s like getting another you

Gain broad and deep thinking

Get the big-picture insights and fresh thinking you crave. You’ll have a partner who understands your complexities and unique audiences — and can connect to your broader goals.

Win over tough stakeholders

You have a gift for building trust and navigating internal politics. Let us do the same. We’ll expertly engage your stakeholders and get to the heart of conflicting opinions. Your people will do more than sign off. They’ll own your message.

Stop wasting time you don’t have

No more wasting time wrangling messages or cleaning up others’ work. You’ll love receiving precise, on-target, CEO-ready deliverables like those you’d create yourself.

Stay on track

Set up the discipline your project needs with our proven processes, frameworks and schedules. You’ll stay organized, but have flexibility to adapt to shifting priorities and timelines.

Go to market quickly

Moving ahead with us is as close to turnkey as you can find. We are corporate-savvy, get up-to-speed quickly and know your procurement environment. (Yes, we carry the insurance they need.)

Make a lasting impact

Create real momentum for your organization. We’ll bring your strategy to life, from training your stakeholders, to crafting plans and content that inspire deep and powerful reactions.

Let’s face it: the modern healthcare enterprise is a many-tentacled creature.

With multiple business units and thousands of employees spread across the nation or around the globe, no wonder it’s tough to keep everyone aligned around a common story. But left unattended, misalignment will eventually hold you back.

You know the symptoms …

Forgettable messages
The messages you’re seeing on paper are ho-hum. There’s a powerful story to tell, but everyone is getting caught up in the details.

Competing stories
Your C-suite and business unit leaders are sharing their own versions of the truth. Your key players are all over the place.

Constant redirection
As messages keep changing and leaders disagree, there’s confusion and rework.
(Time your team does not have!)

Painstaking progress
You should be accelerating. Instead, you find your initiative is faltering — moving in spurts and stops.

Growing impatience
Employees and customers are losing their enthusiasm. You can see momentum slipping away.

Beaten at your own game
Competitors with more articulate stories are passing you by. (Something your CEO keeps reminding you of.)

What’s your greatest messaging challenge?

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